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Completing Cycles With Naledi King

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

As we usher in the last quarter of 2022 with great anticipation and self reflection, life presents us with endings and new beginnings in the form of a brand new season. What are your personal goals and dreams for this new chapter?

I recently caught up with Naledi King and I'm absolutely delighted to share our riveting conversation with you! Naledi King is a co-founder of Eneegma Unlocked and also my beloved sister from the same mama, for real! Naledi King is a singer, songwriter and co-producer who debuted the music scene with her self titled album, Naledi King in 2010. She has since graced many stages as a performer locally and overseas. Please join us as we celebrate her latest creation and first publication as author of the book, Complete Cycle.

Q: I love the ouroboros symbol and snakeskin design of your book cover, titled Complete Cycle. What are your silent songs about and what inspired you to write this book?


The synopsis for the ouroboros is at the back of the book, as reflected on the cover image below. But basically the symbol is about death and rebirth; rising from the ashes, evolving into someone greater and expanding in consciousness in order to live from a more empowered place.

I was inspired to write this book so that I could share the tools and strategies I have applied while going through my own challenges and transformation. We all need effective tools to not only survive life's storms but we also need them to keep thriving.

Click on image above to purchase the book 'Complete Cycle' by Naledi King.

Q: I believe that the publishing of your book, Complete Cycle, is right on time for where we as humanity find ourselves today. In your foreword you mention the importance of expressing one's emotions, not just the positive ones but also the dense emotions that are uncomfortable to acknowledge and experience. Many people are grappling with intense emotions in response to the upheaval in the world on all levels, which in my opinion, has amplified over the past two years.

In your view, why is self expression such a major catalyst for awareness, change and healing?


I think self expression is a powerful catalyst for change because in order to become increasingly aware, we need to first acknowledge and release what no longer serves us, in order to make space for what is now more aligned and relevant to where we are going. We can't change what we can't or won't acknowledge. So expression allows us to shift our resistance to the things we need to change, mainly the self, because real change starts from changing how we perceive things, and perception is awareness. Ultimately, how we see things determines how we react or respond in life. In regard to healing, one needs to express any blocks that may be causing dis-ease which when unexpressed manifest as some type of physical and/or mental illness or blockage. Essentially, expression is a form of release and a tool that creates a safe space for awareness, change and healing to occur. In order to let anything new into our lives, our hands need to be free to receive.

Q: Who is this book for and how can readers get the best value out of it?

NK: This book is relevant for anyone who would like to journey within themselves in order to identify through introspection who they are more authentically. It helps readers gain clarity about themselves, enabling them to make mature and self supportive decisions instead of being vulnerable to manipulation, being misled and giving their power away to external forces. When we practice self awareness daily, we tap deeper into our true essence and this is why this book is great for anyone who would like to forge a deeper connection with themselves.

Q: I like that your book allows readers to relax and self reflect through the wonderful mandalas and journals you've incorporated. What has been some of the feedback from your audience who are working with the silent songs, journals and mandalas in your book, as instruments for personal growth and healing?


I've received varied feedback, but the general consensus has been that the book facilitates a willingness to look within. Often times, we struggle with internal resistance to change even when change is beneficial to us. I've been hearing that the book offers readers a starting point to explore their internal nature without having to deal with too much resistance. The book works as a guide and support to help people face the parts of the Self that we often want to suppress or avoid, for whatever reason. My aim was to create a soothing conduit for healing that encourages one to gently embrace the uncomfortable aspects of oneself that also need love and attention. We cannot heal or release by ignoring parts of ourselves. We need to integrate and love both our shadow and light, in order to feel whole and capable of living a beautiful and grounded life.

Q: Do you have a favourite poem from your book, if so, why is it your favourite?


I have a few that I like, but I'll pick the first poem "Expand, Express and Explore" because it speaks of the reasons I believe I've been placed on Earth to achieve and become. The poem invites readers to embark on a journey of discovery regarding their vision and purpose for life. I feel our life's mission as human beings is to discover our path and follow it in order to be fulfilled. Having a vision also allows one to stay the course and not be derailed by other forces that syphon off one's energy to where its not meant to go. There are countless forces with the intention of draining our energies through manipulation and control, that's why it is critically important to cultivate self awareness so you don't end up following blindly and inadvertently trapping yourself in something that's not aligned with your specific path.

Q: There are beautiful graphics of your painted artwork in your book, that readers can colour in as part of the experience. Are you still painting?


Yes, I'm still painting as a way to keep expressing, healing and grounding myself. The following digital samples will give you a little taste of my painted artwork. Most of my paintings can be mounted onto canvas, and prices are available on request.

Click on each image above to expand photograph. © Naledi King.

Q: Tell us about your poetry events. Can you share details about where they are held and how people can get tickets to these events?


My next poetry event is happening at Lima Tapas Bar, Montecasino. It is a wonderful privilege for me to be collaborating with Leigh Joy Mansel-Pleydell, who is a professional speaker, leadership coach and organiser of these amazing events. I'm excited to announce our next 'Birds of a Feather Singles Party' on Sunday, 13 November 2022 at 13H00. This event will be jam-packed with live entertainment including poetry, psychic readings, delectable food and more. Bookings are now open, don't miss it! Get your ticket on this link.

Click on the above image to purchase your ticket now.

Q: You're a multitalented lady that has recently launched a jewellery range. I absolutely love the earrings you gifted me, they're fabulous and light in weight. You mentioned that some of your jewellery and art is infused with recycled or pre-used objects.

What inspired you to create recycled artwork and do you make it all yourself?


I'm glad you liked your earrings. You have the design from my tassel range, which is light in weight. I also design other styles that may not be as lightweight. I've been creating jewellery pieces for my personal collection for several years now. It all started with creating recycled paper beads, as taught by my Swazi friend. Then it evolved into designing neck pieces and earrings using paper beads and other recycled materials. I recently attended a jewellery making course where I learned to make tassel earrings, which have become a new addition to my jewellery range.

The thread of inspiration running through all my projects and products is about alchemy. The art of transmuting what seems to have little or no value into something useful, beautiful, valuable and unique. I love shifting energy from one state to another, so that life continues to develop into something new and relevant. As they say, the only constant thing in life is change and when we are unable to transform or change, we find ourselves stuck in old energy and get left behind as things flow into a new cycle or season. For me it's all about flowing, growing and co-creating with life.

At this point I make all the jewellery myself. As the demand grows I will be looking to work with a team of talented artists. My long term goal is to create employment opportunities for others. I'm currently growing things step by step, as I have a few projects and products that I'm developing. People can now buy the Naledi King range of earrings from my online shop.

Click on each image to expand photograph. © Hopewell Pictures.

Q: Ever since we were little girls, you always had a knack for fashion and exuded a quirky, eccentric and elegant sense of style. Where did it all start for you?


My journey with fashion started with hair at the age of 12, when my eldest sister Jane taught me how to braid. Hair has always been something I loved doing for myself and others. In fact, ever since I was 12 I did people's hair and bought clothes with the money I made. This was great because I didn't have to rely on my parents to buy me clothes, so I guess the hair and fashion have always gone together for me.

As an image consultant, it's about packaging our image in a way that aligns with who we feel we are on the inside. It is true that one can uplift their mood through styling and fashion, by elevating the mood from the outside in. However, my approach is more focused on first identifying the true self within, on an emotional and spiritual level and then harnessing that inner energy into an empowering look that reflects how we authentically feel inside.

Q: What services do you offer as a stylist and image consultant?


Please visit my website for detailed information about my styling and image consulting offerings that include hair accessories, wigs and more.

Q: You're also a qualified Quantum Energy Coach (QEC) and Certified TRE® Provider. Do you still work directly with clients in terms of one-to-one or group sessions? If so, how can people sign up for sessions with you?


Yes, I do work on a one-to-one and group-work basis with clients. Both my life coaching and TRE® facilitation work very well to support clients in discovering their genuine nature and from there we are able to then create a stylistic look that matches the authentic self in regard to image consulting. I also assist my clients to align their work and lifestyle with who they really are, and to diminish self imposed limitations they may be encountering in any sphere of their lives. If anyone is interested in working with me, please get in touch via my website.

Click on image for Naledi's life coaching and TRE® services.

Q: So what's next for Naledi King in 2022 and going forward?


As you know, I have many interests and talents that I'd like to share with the world. My focus is on healing and evolving as a person, which extends to manufacturing products that support healing and transformation in my life and other people's lives. One of my aims is to complete the development of my entire range of natural soaps and body butters by the end of the year. I'm thrilled with the progress. My skin nourishing 'Organic Shea Butter' range is now available in several flavours of 125ml and 250ml size options at my online store.

Regarding the book, I'm looking to launch a series called "Flip The Script" to help cultivate meaningful interactions and a deeper connection with my audience. This idea is about selecting a silent song from my book Complete Cycle and delving deeper into the subject it represents. I will share more details about it further down the line, so please stay tuned.

Q: Do you have any parting thoughts to help people stay grounded, inspired and empowered especially in these challenging times?


I'd like to firstly thank you for the opportunity to share my story and then encourage all of us to focus on gratitude as we move forward into the future as humanity. We have taken a lot for granted over the years. I believe the 2020's and beyond will be teaching us how to value ourselves and our blessings that come in the form of people, places and things. When we are grateful we allow the universe to bless us with more to be grateful for. In our own lives we tend to do more for people that show appreciation, so it is with the universe, it gives more to those who value and appreciate their blessings.

Self love is another important aspect of life that opens doors to abundance as it allows us to interact with the world from an empowered place. When we feel empowered, we are better equipped to navigate through life, even when things are extremely challenging. To thrive in this world, we need to be self aware, vigilant and discerning about what's best for us through all the noise and temptation that we are confronted with on a daily basis.

How we perceive ourselves is paramount, as it influences our choices and decisions in life. So I'd like to encourage us all to stay grounded, trusting the voice within more than the external voices that often want to lead us astray. These unprecedented times require each of us to live life from a deeply grounded and self loving place so we can effectively co-create with life in a way that is beneficial not only to ourselves, but to the world at large. But it begins with you and I.

Feel it to release it. Toxic spirituality encourages people to only focus on positivity while ignoring uncomfortable emotions and challenging situations. This numbs us out and unfortunately, if we pretend something doesn't exist, we make it bigger, as what we resist persists. I would encourage everyone to create a safe space and take the time to process what hurts or feels uncomfortable by acknowledging it, sitting with it, feeling through it, and gleaning the lessons from it, so it can be integrated and resolved. Our inner child desperately requires our attention. Through mindful breath work and many other therapeutic modalities we can find ways to empower ourselves as we process pain, thereby making space for love, peace and joy.

Lastly, let go, let go, let go! So you can usher in all that is aligned with your highest good. As we grow and evolve, we accumulate debris along the way which needs to be released to allow space for what is now relevant. Life is about cycles and seasons. When a season has served its purpose then the time has come to let it go, so we can anchor the resources needed to navigate into the new future. This transformation requires us to trust the wisdom we have within, to have courage to keep stepping forward and creating the lives of our dreams. So let go in order to grow and sow new seeds that spring forth fresh new life. Letting go also requires forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others, by so doing you allow yourself to grow into the being you were born to be. Don't let anything or anyone take that away from you, as love is the way. Allow love to lead the way and let your heart guide you through it all.

On that high note, Naledi thank you so much for hanging out with me, it's been so much fun catching up! If you would like to buy Naledi King's book 'Complete Cycle', or her jewellery range, artwork or natural body products, please visit for more details.

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Photo credits: Naledi King & Hopewell Pictures.


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