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Updated: Nov 18, 2023

TRE® is a simple yet effective method that helps your body release stored tension, reduce anxiety and promote relaxation, when practiced regularly. Try our TRE® Intro Class and experience the transformative power of TRE®!

It's Time For R&R!

Join our Tension, Stress and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®) Introductory Class and learn simple techniques to help your body release stored tension, decrease anxiety, and amplify relaxation. Our experienced TRE® facilitators, Zandile Nkosi and Ananda Fuchs, will guide you through the process and provide you with the tools you need to continue practicing TRE® on your own, as and when you feel ready to do so.

Meet Ananda Fuchs, our co-facilitator for the TRE® Intro Class on Sunday 28 May 2023. Ananda is a professionally trained embodiment facilitator who helps individuals develop a deeper connection with their bodies using a variety of modalities, such as movement, dance, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and TRE®, to guide individuals toward a greater sense of body awareness, wellbeing and somatic intelligence.

Q - Can you tell us about yourself and how you got into TRE®?

I have spent my life on stage as a dancer and a facilitator and manager of performance art, education, dance training, and personal development, and I have a deep passion for community upliftment. I am presently mostly focused on my role as a certified TRE® service provider and focus specifically on assisting others to release the somatic (dealing with the body) effects of trauma.

In 2013, I experienced a massive moment of overwhelm in my life and unexpectedly found myself on my kitchen floor in the foetal position, unable to find the energy or the will to move. There were two modalities that got me moving, walking forward and looking upward once again. Those were TRE® and Art Therapy. Since then I have walked a different journey, made better choices about what I allow into my life and let go of what no longer serves me. Through these two processes, I have become unfrozen, softer, gentler and more compassionate with myself and with others. Listening intuitively with curiosity when bodies speak their own language and lead their own way to recovery and connection.

Now, 10 years later, as a TRE® Facilitator, I have found my path and purpose. I am enthralled with facilitating TRE® for others and am inspired by the many journeys I have walked with clients toward a more manageable and balanced sense of being. I feel fully aligned with what I find meaningful and that is all about assisting others to find their own safety through connection to the Self.

Q - You have an impressive track record as a contemporary dance teacher and performer. Based on your personal experience with TRE®, how can professional dancers, athletes and performers benefit from incorporating a TRE® practice into their fitness routine?

As a dancer, I have spent my life honing muscles, ligaments and joints for optimum mastery and, like athletes, trained dancers are not necessarily taught to be connected to their inner environments and what past experiences may have been locked in. It is rather about self-mastery, control and perfection. A clear dismissal of one’s own physical, emotional and psychological states and sensations in order to 'perform' like a machine.

Adding TRE® to anyone’s self-care routine, allows space for a deeper awareness and connection between mind and body, bringing the nervous system down into a state of safety. Life takes on a different tone, a celebration of what is, trusting that challenging moments surely pass as all things do because change is the most constant. There is intention in the practice which is to soften the resistance to transformation through feeling our feelings so that there is thriving, not just surviving. There is an intentional lightening of the load, an unlocking, and unburdening of what has passed so that a person is able to step forward from the point of departure, of being where they are right now in this moment.

Q - Are you offering TRE® one-on-one sessions and group workshops at the moment?

In my private practice which I run from my home in Tamboerskloof, I offer one-on-one sessions to individuals and couples, as well as group sessions on request. I also work with various organisations offering safety for women and children in communities in Western Cape, as well as those who run transformative educational courses and offer safe environments for youth. I will be providing more group sessions on a weekly basis as the year progresses.

Q - How can people get in touch with you?

Please click the links below to connect with me via my website and social channels:

Thank you Ananda for taking the time to speak with us today, it has been a real honour!

Ready to shake off stress and tension from your body? Sign up for our TRE® sessions now and experience the restorative power of TRE® for yourself! Booking is essential. To learn more about TRE®, check out our Beginner's Guide. See you soon!

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