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10 Memorable Ways To Say Thanks

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

There are times when saying “thank you” is not nearly enough to help us express the magnitude of our appreciation for a significant gift, favour or stroke of serendipity that we’ve received.

Looking for creative ideas to say thanks in a meaningful way? Here are ten memorable tips to help you do just that.

1. Write A Letter

A handwritten thank you letter sent by post, although not exactly avant-garde, can be a refreshing surprise.

2. Digital Appreciation

Personally design and send a digital kindness card with a beautiful note. Alternatively, you could share a poem or thank you story on social media when you experience excellent service from an individual or brand.

3. Gift Basket

Create a home-made gift basket filled with the receiver’s favourite items, treats or gadgets.

4. The Little Things Count

Run an errand for a friend, help your colleague with a project, give hugs, offer to babysit for a couple of hours.

5. Do Something Unexpected

Facilitate an important introduction, buy or track down a book, art or information they’ve been looking for.

6. Pay It Forward

Get involved in exciting activities that create benevolent results for all involved.

7. Offer Your Support

Be empathetic, listen with an open mind and heart without trying to fix anything.

8. If You’re Into Craft

You could create delightful ornaments and objects. For example DIY chess sets, a knitted scarf, handmade jewelry, a piece of furniture or simply cook your guests a scrumptious thank-you feast.

9. Be Authentic

Be clear about your intentions for saying thank you, mean it and show it. Give #thanks from your heart, be yourself, do it in your own special way and within your means. Keep it simple. Don’t compete with how anyone else is showing their appreciation.

10. Care For What You Appreciate

It is futile to say that you’re #thankful for something if you don’t take care of it. This goes for your own well-being, your relationships, your career, your environment and all the good you receive in your life. When you truly appreciate the good in your life, it multiplies in your reality.

And to wrap it all up, here's a fantastic quote by Noelle C. Nelson:

Appreciation has no downside: not only that, we’ve learned through hands-on experience that appreciation functions as an attractor, drawing desired experiences to you - whether it’s a terrific new job, a revitalized marriage, or increased health, energy and well-being.

Have fun while spreading happiness through your gifts of gratitude!

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